First Pregnancy Versus Second Pregnancy: How different are the two phases

Pregnancy is probably the wonder of all the wonders of a woman’s existence. What a supernatural experience it must be to feel a life growing inside you! As if, women were inspired seers who receive the gift of giving birth from the Almighty.

However, as exhilarating as it sounds, it is not quite a “surreal” expedition. With the eccentricity, comes hysteria rolled with jitters. It all begins with missed periods, peeing on a stick and gradually, other unconventional activities become routine in your life. A roller coaster of emotions, thanks to extreme mood swings caused by raging pregnancy hormones and frenzied cravings; accompanied by  morning sickness, exhaustion, back pain, swelling, tender breasts, nausea, vomiting, hunger and frequent urination.  A minor health hiccup and you rush to the doctor, for you are too naïve to understand your own body. Your partner’s shirts become your couture. Your belly obstructs the view of your own feet, and if you drop something on the floor, that object does not exist for you anymore.

 Yet, when you feel the first heartbeat and that first playful kick, it is bliss. The anticipation of how this creature will come out of your body can be exasperating. The D (delivery) day arrives, with all the pain and screaming (and kicking whosoever tries to calm you down), but the moment you hold your newborn, all the agony vanishes and you breathe contentment. And with that child, a parent is born.

The first pregnancy is indeed unpredictable; however, during your second pregnancy you are relatively prepared. It comes with its own pro et contra: as your muscular-skeletal structure is weakened by first pregnancy, there is a lack of nutrients (Iron deficiency, in particular), increased fatigue, more frequent urinating, symptoms resurface earlier, and Braxton Hicks contractions alter. On the upside, you are able to eat and breathe easily, have fewer concerns to the doctor, the delivery period is shorter, and there is a renewed sense of strength and belief in your capacity. Whether you had sailed through your first pregnancy or spent it mostly bed-stricken, the thought of impending manifestations and the responsibility of your first child, (less time for your nap) can drive you crazy.

But regardless of all those hitches, when that prodigy lands in your lap, you know, on first glance, that it was entirely worth it.

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