How do a woman evolve in each stage of the pregnancy?

Congratulations on being pregnant for the first time, your life is going to change! While we all have heard about how the journey is more beautiful than the destination, it is the same with pregnancy. Your pregnancy journey is going to bring a lot of changes in your life, apart from hormonal and body weight changes.

The thrill and fear of being pregnant for the first time are real, and the changes are too! You will go through three stages in your pregnancy journey, also called the three trimesters dividing your pregnancy in three months each. While excitement is constant on every stage of pregnancy, here are a few things you go through in each stage:

The first trimester
The first three months are the most crucial months of your pregnancy, and you have to take extra care of yourself during the first trimester. As the first trimester lasts from the first to the 12th week of pregnancy, the embryo develops into a fetus by the end of the 12th week. Although the hormonal changes will affect almost every organ of your body, you will feel extremely fatigued after every few steps. Mood swings, constipation, frequent urination, nausea, and craving or aversion of specific food items are normal in the first three months.
Your baby will develop every organ of its body by the end of the first trimester, so try to eat smaller meals every two hours. Take full sleep and revise your daily schedule, if needed to feel comfortable. Go for regular check-ups to keep yourself updated with the progress of the fetus, and exercise to stay active.

The second trimester
While nausea and fatigue will go away in the second stage of your pregnancy, you will have a baby bump by the fourth month of the pregnancy. Your baby bump is cute as your abdomen starts to look pregnant and you have all the chance to wear those adorable maternity clothes. However, your appetite will grow, and you will gain a lot more weight than you thought. Leg cramps, stretch marks, swollen feet, backache, and nasal congestion are typical changes of the second trimester.
As your baby develops skin at the beginning of the second trimester and becomes more active by the end of this trimester, he/she is about 5-6 inches long now. You would feel the movement and the kick of your baby too. Woah! Isn’t it too exciting?

The third trimester
As the second trimester was the most comfortable and most changing three months of your pregnancy journey, the third trimester is where you start to visit the doctor more frequently. Your doctor will determine the health and position of your baby to monitor the preparation of your body for childbirth. You may have more swollen ankles, and finger with a few contractions as the due date comes close. Shortness of breath and difficulty in sleep are some common problems in the last few days of pregnancy.

While you are ready to go on the roller-coaster ride of bearing a human inside your body, you now know the changes you will face. Don’t worry about the problems and issues related to pregnancy, just keep consulting your doctor on a regular basis for a healthy child.

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