How is Technology Affecting Parenting?

In the modern society, technology is deeply affecting parenting. It has actually become a menace that is creating a barrier for the healthy family environment. Constant engrossment in technology is making parents anxious, laden with stress and causing them to snap at their children. Parents are constantly connected with technology, even a full-time mom, because the internet is convenient, easy and the laptop or tablet is mobile which exacerbates the problem. Furthermore, with everything going increasing mobile, parents have to make a determined effort to detach themselves from technology and commit to a pure family time that is devoid any form of diversion. Good solid, quality parenting is key in raising a connected family. We seriously need to consider cutting down on technology in order to avoid any negative interactions with the kids.

Raising kids is a full-time challenging job and it is imperative for the well-being of parents to take a break and feel connected with the world outside which is just beyond the walls of your home. The lure of technology is essential but too much of it can really jeopardize your efforts in raising your kids in the long run. Identify the device that is the primary stressor, is it Smartphone or the laptop? Unplug that device, keep it physically away from you, and switch the power off. Do anything that is effective for you, to help you stop getting distracted. Set boundaries, it is crucial. Now you can fully concentrate on the kid’s activities. Reserve time for reading news, checking or writing work email, social media, business calls etc when the children are sleeping or occupied. Keep any sort of gadgets away from the kid’s room. Schedule times of the day when you will not use any gadget such as no gadget at the dinner table. Do things together as a family.

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