Raising a baby girl: Guide for Father’s to be

Being blessed with a little baby girl is truly a unique experience. There are few relationships as special as a father-daughter one. You will be her biggest hero and she will become the apple of your eye. But, forming a connection with her and taking care of the tiny angel could seem like quite a daunting task to you. Being a man, connecting with a son may seem more natural and a baby girl could maybe, seem a bit foreign.

Being a new dad, you need to remember that she is not that much different. You can easily create a long lasting bond with her by just spending time and playing with her.

These tips will furthermore help you raise your Baby Girl

  1. Use Your Voice Well:
    Being a man, you will naturally have a deeper voice that relaxes an infant girl. Your deep voice will soon become your identity by which your baby girl will come to recognize you. If she is cranky or crying, utilize your voice to talk, sing or hum to her and she will instantly calm down.
  1. Give skin to skin contact:
    Your baby girl has just left the safety of the womb and has entered this whole new world which makes them anxious. Don’t be afraid to hold her and give her skin to skin contact. Your heart rate and warmth will calm her down and form a bond between the two of you.
  1. Learn to Feed, Burp and Clean Your Girl:
    These tasks are not just the mothers. Be well prepared and methodically learn and practice to feed your baby with a bottle and burp her after feeding. Learn in advance how to change diapers and clothe her. This will make you just as involved in her life and she will notice you as a primary parent figure.
  1. Enjoy changing Diapers:
    Changing diapers is a stressful time for both your baby girl and you. If you are uncomfortable, your baby girl gets even crankier and the whole process becomes a disaster. Instead, try to have fun while changing. Sing a song, expressively narrate a story or animatedly enact random characters while changing her diaper. This distracts her while also alleviating your awkwardness.
  1. Talk Back to Her:
    As soon as she starts to recognize you, she will start to coo and make animated sounds at you. Use your low voice to animatedly talk back to her and it will feel like a connection is being formed and you are having an actual conversation.

With these tips, you are good to go. Just remember to be involved in her infancy and upbringing and you will certainly form a beautiful connection with her.

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      It is a very informative article for the fathers who are expecting a baby girl child or have a girl as a baby child. This article covered some aspects of upbringing a girl child and how to take care of. This should be done even if you are not aware about it, maybe you will learn with experience. After all, the little one deserves your attention.

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