The Challenges of Raising Twins

Raising one child can take a toll on a mother’s health let alone caring for two babies’ at the same time. But caring for twins has it perks because of the immense joy of a parent raising two kids at the same time and watching a beautiful relationship or interaction blossom between the twins. However, caring for twins is quite challenge. New mothers with twins should be open-minded about the different possibilities of taking care of their twin. A smart move is to put your twins on the same schedule, so that they nurse together, fall asleep together and play together. If your twins feed and sleep at different timings then it is double duty for the mother. She will be constantly worrying without a moment’s rest. It is imperative that the mother gets enough rest, otherwise she will not be able to care for her twins in the most efficient manner.

As a mother of twins when you need, seek help, do not be ashamed of it. And practically you do not have the luxury to pretend that you have all bases covered. If you need a nanny, a neighbor, your mother to take care of your twins while you may have to go out for an emergency doctor’s visit, seek out for help. As a mother of twins, it is also important for you to take breaks, unwind by working out at the gym or taking an evening walk or grocery buying alone at the supermarket, getting a pedicure or reading a book. You need to be able to cherish some alone time for your sanity. Only if you are happy well rested you can be more effective as a primary caregiver. With twins, you are going to be exponentially more frazzled. So bear no qualms or ill will against yourself for taking a moment to catch your breath. Indulge in self-pampering so that you can be more efficient, relaxed and happy about caring for your twins.

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