The Common And Uncommon Fears Of Pregnancy From Conceiving To Delivering

What if the very person, who is capable of giving birth to a child and protecting it, is afraid of some things herself? Relax! It is but natural to have certain phobias about pregnancy too. Nonetheless, worrying can actually result in your worst nightmares coming true. Here are a few common and uncommon fears of pregnancy that you need to know to ward them off since you certainly don’t want to end up manifesting them.

Morning sickness means a hungry child
The biggest worry of all mothers during the very first trimester is when they start getting bouts of morning sickness. Babies usually need a lot of extra food in order to be able to grow up. However, when you vomit everything, your baby has to depend on the stores of vitamin inside your body to survive.

Miscarrying the baby
Trying to have a second baby? Any woman would naturally fear that they might have a miscarriage again if it has happened once with the first baby. However, this can imply the possibility of another miscarriage. So, you have all the reason to worry.

Accidents and hurting the baby
Are you afraid that you will bump into some unknown object at home and hurt the baby inside that baby bump of yours? Before you can begin to worry, remember that there is a lot of protective material around the uterus that will not allow anything to happen to your baby.

Suffocation by the life-giving cord
Every woman knows that the umbilical cord wraps right around the neck of the baby. Now, remember that the chance of the umbilical cord suffocating your child is only 25 percent. So, stop worrying too much and keep getting regular check-ups from your doctor.

The death of the baby during delivery
The mother of all worries that women have is that their baby might die during delivery. This can trigger concerns in any to-be mother. Take the help of a psychologist to cope in case any such situation should arise.

Finding sex with your partner uninteresting
Are you worried that the surgical cut that was done to remove your Caesarean baby is going to lead to the loss of the feeling of enjoyment during sex with your partner? It is normal to experience pain during intercourse after delivering the child for several months. However, you can always take the help of your gynaecologist to find out what needs to be done in this case.

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