These 8 things women stop doing after becoming a Mom

Becoming a mother is a very special experience, but there are a few truths that a woman needs to know about the post delivery period, when your new bundle of joy is in your arms. Here are a few common things that women stop doing after becoming a mom:

  1. Stop taking enough sleep: it is the most common change that a woman undergoes; she feels the urge of waking up the whole night and day to take care of the baby. When you fell to sleep, the baby cries away to hinder your sleep. You should not neglect sleep because it is a necessity for good health.
  2. Neglecting their own health: Many a time new mothers are so involved with the babysitting job that they neglect their food and rest, leaving them under huge stress and they feel worn out. Remember a healthy mom can only take care of her child properly.
  3. Spend less time with your partner: Most often the arrival of a new child brings a shocking change in the parent’s relationship as they do not spend their downtime together while remaining worried about the kid and their discussions are limited to the kid’s topics only.
  4. Sex is a distant memory: Yes! Post-delivery you start feeling so much attached to your baby that for you sex is not in your head and you may feel that you are not ready to do it. Apart from the mood swings, you may feel the lack of romance. You must try to spend more time with your partner to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with him.
  5. You don’t enjoy your hobbies anymore: Gossips and shopping are not your priority, but you should try to reboot your senses and try to do all the little things that you love.
  6. You don’t remain calm: you are often full of anxiety or irritability, try to meditate and go for walks to freshen up.
  7. You become withdrawn and stop talking to others: new mother either talks too much or very little, try to make a balance between two and do not try to restrict yourself.
  8. You remain in a low mood: try to go outside and talk to other moms to stop being over worried for your kid and enjoy the life as it goes.

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