When is the right time to conceive after miscarriage

It’s natural for couples to be wanting to be pregnant again after a miscarriage, as they couldn’t bear the instant loss. While more than 23% of the women have gone through the traumatic incident of losing their child in the first trimester of pregnancy, they cannot decide when to try again or whether they should or not as well. Losing the fetus is as heartbreaking to the father, as it is to the mother, as he also lost his child. So, here are a few suggestions for the couples to know when to try again.

Firstly, if you are under the age of 30 and have no health issue leading to miscarry another child, you should try again. A recent study suggested that more than 75% of the pregnant women go through miscarriage every year and around 40% of those women try to conceive within six months after the miscarriage, while the other 60% wait till three or six regular menstruation cycle before trying again. Researchers have found out that 40 % of the women are less likely to miscarry again as compared to the women who wait for more than a year or two.

What do the doctors suggest?
Some doctors suggest that there is no harm in conceiving soon after the miscarriage, while some say to wait for six months to normal the pre-pregnant cycle. A very few of the doctor population advice to give an eighteen-month break before conceiving again. However, those who wait for two or more than two years to conceive again, have a higher risk for potentially life-threatening ‘ectopic pregnancy’, a cesarean delivery of the child, giving birth to a premature child, or the child will have low-birth weight.

What if the woman has had multiple miscarriages?
If a woman has had two or more than two miscarriages, she should not get pregnant again until a complete investigation has been done on the cause of the multiple miscarriages because there could be internal reasons causing the miscarriage of the child. While a single miscarriage is okay for a woman, there must be some scientific reason for multiple miscarriages. Therefore, the timing of when to conceive next should be decided carefully by the parents.

The pro tip is to make sure that the woman is in good health and take prenatal vitamins, including folic acid, before conception for a healthy pregnancy. Since it takes time for the uterus to recover and for the endometrial lining to be strong and healthy again, a couple should ideally wait to prepare the woman’s body physically and mentally. Don’t be disheartened due to the miscarriage because you will be giving birth to a much healthier child, the next time.

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