10 best flying tips for moms-to-be!

10 Best Flying Tips for Moms-to-be!

Flying for moms-to-be can be quite nerve-racking, but with a bit of right preparation, it can be less stressful than it actually sounds. Sharing below are some of the best tips to help make sure that you are relaxed, ready and prepared to fly.

Know the best time to fly

Although you can travel in all trimesters of pregnancy the most comfortable time for you to travel is during the second trimester. During this period problem like morning sickness or nausea will not bother you much and you generally feel much normal during this time of pregnancy. However, traveling after the 28-week mark is not recommended by the doctors.

Binge on snacks

Try eating small amounts frequently throughout your travel. You can binge on sprouts, roasted chickpeas and corn, sandwich, mixed nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, cutlets, whole-wheat crackers, boiled veggies, whole-grain cereals, etc that are also easy to pack during flight.

Stay hydrated throughout

As a mommy-to-be taking a flight, it is important to stay adequately hydrated throughout. By taking liquids you will help prevent dehydration and get rid of headaches, cramping, dizziness, heartburn, and indigestion. So, the next time the flight attendant comes to you ask her for a glass of water or juice. Needless to say, you can always take a small bottle with you during your flight.

Keep handy your medicine

All you mother-to-be don’t forget to step out of the house without your medicine. Get your medicines of diarrhea, sinus, fever, headaches, vomiting, etc handy. Also, take the medicine prescriptions that you take regularly with you.

Pack lesser luggage for better

The lesser luggage the better, this should be the rule of thumb for your trip. You are already carrying this cute big bump so why carry so many other bumps while on the go? For your travel try and pack as small as you can. Pack lightweight suitcase which could be carried in checked luggage and carry just a small bag on board with you.

Wear comfy dress on the day of travel

During pregnancy, the temperature of your body tends to fluctuate, so it will be a smart idea if you put on a dress in loose layers. Maxi dress or loose top and skirts are the best options.

Select your seat carefully

Pregnant moms need to go to the bathroom very frequently, so picking up an aisle seat will help you in getting in and out of your seat easily. Booking your seats in the first two rows of the flight can make your boarding and onboarding process much easier and also be quite helpful during your bathroom breaks.

Keep moving at regular intervals

While in flight always try to keep your blood circulating by getting up as much as you can at regular intervals. You can walk up and down the aisle and do some easy stretches in your seat as often as possible.

Doctor’s recommendations is a must

It is always suggested for the mothers-to-be that you visit your doctor before traveling. Doctors are the best person who will give you all the site-specific insight. They will tell what medicines you should carry or will suggest to you about the food you can have during your journey.

Avoid busier checkpoints

Security checkpoints can be spots of uneasiness and discomfort when you’re expecting. In order to avoid anxiety and nervousness get your boarding pass and ID handy in front of checkpoint entries. Avoid busier checkpoints and look for thin lines and queues.

Traveling can be easier for moms-to-be if undertaken in the most careful way. So, make sure to prioritize your comfort and health while travelling.

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