Baby Shower Themes

Great ideas about Baby Shower Themes to try Out

Baby Shower Themes
Baby shower themes can run the whole gamut from a Sesame Street baby shower to rocking horse baby shower theme or celebrity baby shower themes to a nautical baby shower theme. No matter what you choose to do, you will have a total riot planning your baby shower.

Take help from your library or the internet
A baby shower theme can be as personal, glitzy or hilarious, as you choose to make it. That’s the fun part, dreaming up cool baby shower themes. If you need help, don’t hesitate to go to the Library or even surf the Internet for baby shower theme ideas. You won’t have any trouble coming up with something that will be a total success.

What if you choose a jungle theme baby shower?
What can you do for a party with that theme? How about making jungle theme baby shower cakes – that’s ultimate in creativity, a cake-shaped like a monkey or coconut tree. With the baby shower jungle theme, you can also get really creative when it comes to decorating. Imagine green streamers as vines, paper Mache trees, and stuffed jungle animals to enliven the scene. And, if you do choose the jungle theme baby showers idea, you could even find jungle music and sound effects to tie the whole event together.

You should also try A Noah’s Ark them
A Noah’s Ark theme for baby shower ideas is one such theme that a lot of people really adore. It is cute and comes with themed napkins, plates, cups, banner, tablecloth, and invitations. You could even choose favors to match as well.

Baby shower favors with flower theme parties
Baby shower favors with flower theme parties are also popular as well. Choose your colors, candy wrappers, and candy flower lollipops. Again, the themed package comes with matching plates, cups, napkins and invitations.

You may also want to consider a more traditional type of baby shower – the boy’s baby shower themes and favors.
Of course, the party would be the color blue, and you would have lots of items to choose from to complete your wonderful day. Baby shower favors for this theme could include baby boy buttermints, each in their own little packages, really cool bib shaped balloons, and personalized baby feet candy bar wrappers.

Topping off
No matter what you want to do for your baby shower, you can find just about anything you want to make it a complete success. With a little advance planning, baking and shopping, you will also be able to avoid the last minute screaming mee-mees when you find out you forgot to pick something up. If you aren’t into buying a theme package, you can definitely create themes of your own, and make the decorations as well.

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