How to be dual prepared when expecting twins

Pregnant with Twins! It is indeed not as simple as getting pregnant with a single baby. It needs extra calories, frequent visits to doctors, more tests, increased planning and last but not the least, a lot of patience to welcome the double bundle of joy.

There are certain factors and precautions that a couple must keep in mind when they are expecting twins:

  1. High-risk factor
    A woman carrying two babies at a time is usually prone to certain pregnancy complications like diabetes, pre-term labor, etc. It is crucial for the expecting parents to take extra pre-natal care and continue to hold frequent appointments with the mid-wife.
  1. Intensive Care
    A mom-to-be with twins needs to be more particular about her health. Proper food, more of rest, seeing a Perinatologist (specialized in multiple child-births) in addition to an Obstetrician, less traveling, staying in harmony, and taking at least 130 grams of protein daily, are the few major facets that the expected parents should always acknowledge.
  1. Physical and Mental discomfort
    Carrying twins are not at all an easy mission.  The back pains, the swollen legs, the anxiety, and the sleepless nights pop up at the early second trimester. People will ask several questions regarding the due date; the problems faced, the weight gain, which might create mental discomfort, but it is better to avoid them and stay calm.
  1. Knowing the pregnancy well
    It is quite necessary for the expected couple to know the characteristics of their twin babies, whether they are identical, fraternal or share a single placenta.  They need to have a complete understanding of the preliminary actions and create a base for their upcoming venture.
  1. Early planning and Mind-set
    It is imperative for the parents-to-be, to know the essentials that their doubles would need. Assessing the finances (which of-course increases by four times), starting to collect items, and arranging priorities, should be done in the early third trimester, because, twins are expected to arrive early compared to single tons. The strollers, the clothes, breastfeeding or bottles, and every bit of planning will help to make room for the new-born ones.

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