The baby name wars: How to decide the best name for your child

The first step that arrives in the path of parenting is choosing a baby name. Proper selection of the name is a crucial part of the life of the parents and the newborn. It is the name that reflects the personality and the future of the person. Naming the newborn carefully is, therefore, an important endeavor for the parents.

However, one cannot spell the right or wrong way to pick up a name for the baby. Love is the most important aspect for choosing your baby’s name.

A few other things that should be kept in mind are:

  1. The Sound
    Consider how your child name will sound when you call it, yell it or present it to the podium announcing his/her graduation degree or to the professional awarding his/her first certificate of excellence at work, and the name that will fit a 60-year-old individual. It is also important to note that how does the first name go with the last name.
  1. The Meaning
    The name should have a relevant and soothing meaning. You cannot deny the fact that what you call your baby becomes his/her identity and it should, therefore, be pleasing and easy-going.  It ‘s nice to have the names whose meanings serve the trends and be inspirational.
  1. The Uniqueness
    You might be one of those parents who like unique names that distinguish their babies from others. It ‘s nice to have one which is different in the line but should not be so unusual that will make him answer the meaning to the world all through his/her life.
  1. The Length
    Short but famous names are easy to pronounce and remember. Short trendy names beat the old style of using long names.  Names having idioms, phonetics register themselves to the good books, is not always true.
  1. The Win-Win Approach
    You usually find that the name that you like for your baby goes un-noticed and dominated by family pressure. It is better to decide on the first name as per the choice of the parent and keeping the middle name going with the consent of the near and dear ones, who are under the belief that names should have a reflection of the birth time and zodiacs.

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