The Pregnancy Weight Gain Trauma: 11 Easy Tricks To Avoid The Stress

Ladies, listen to what we have to say. You allow yourself to take all kinds of pressure, stress, and unwanted meaningless thoughts when you are expecting a baby.  No lady has got left out by not going through these sets of troubles.

What is the Deal About Stress Fat?

It is one of the ugliest facts about life. When you are under stress, your brain mechanism moves in a way where you start having an abnormal eating habit which causes fat deposits. There are potent hormones which are responsible for bursting the adrenaline bubble and reacting in this abnormal way to stress.

Following these necessary steps towards better health:

  1. Have Slow Meals: Try to avoid being full. This helps in maintaining the cortisol level and hence keeping control over your eating habits.
  1. Nothing To Be Strict About: Slow meals don’t mean stringent diet plans but just a control so much so that you don’t end being all cranky.
  1. Shrink Down Caffeine: The level of caffeine you take in will judge your level of cortisol. Like, 600mg of caffeine is supposed to raise the cortisol level to 30%, which isn’t advisable.
  1. Shut Those Eyes Every While: Sleep deprivation also causes you to stress accumulating and causing a high level of ghrelin which boosts your hunger.
  1. Herbs To Rescue: Including the herbs in your diet like Holy Basil will help to manage the level of stress hormones a lot. Astralgus is also an organic food which is quite effective when it comes to natural health.
  1. Vitamins C, for Control: The Vit C rich fruits are a magic for the body when it comes to having a leveled up implication for the adrenal glands for reducing the stress level while pregnancy.
  1. Team Up: Join a yoga class or hit light gym session with your other preggers friends.
  1. Curb The Outdoor Food: Lower down or completely stop eating packed food to avoid any complication in the craving intensity during those months.
  1. Listen.Pray: Follow this in the same series, daily. Eating the right food followed by a soothing musical session will help you calm down just like a prayer.
  1. Don’t Lessen Too Much: Moods swings may result if you try to lessen the cortisol level way too much.
  1. Visit Your Gym: A regular practice it has to be, no other trick can be so helpful.

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