These 7 Amazing Tips For Baby Shower Ceremony Will Make You The Best Host

Every baby is special. So is every mother. She deserves to be all pampered and loved along the nine months of pain, mood swings, depression, worry and anxiety. A baby shower is a perfect excuse for a full-time fun for the to-be-mom before her stardust strikes the earth with joy and love.

Here are some amazing tips for the ceremony of a baby shower that you plan:

Invites, Because Invitees, Are The Charm
Make sure the cards, designs, names and addresses are planned well in advance and invites are sent out sooner. This way the guests also get time to prepare for your event.

The Teatime Shower
Plan your baby shower in the breakfast or evening teatime as the food won’t be a heavy lunch or dinner as a matter of fact. Plus innovations with snacks are easier during these peak treat times.

Mouth-Watering Clever Sweets
When you juggle between taking care of a baby within and the arrangements, hand over the baking section to the experts. Don’t forget to have a batch of cupcakes/pastries/macaroons tasted before the real affair. Use some props or themes to add an extra chill.

Your Taste, Matters
When you plan the menu of the baby shower, make sure you work up for the interest of the mom-to-be as well. You do expect the party to have your preferences as well so that regret doesn’t hurt.

Entertainment – Not necessary
This ain’t no wedding, so planning music, songs, dance and other modes of entertainment may only add up to the stress – The quieter, the prettier, the funnier.

Outdoor Decors Need Extra Care
Planning an outdoor baby shower? Don’t forget to take the rentals and weather conditions into consideration. You ought to skip those parts.

Thank You Notes – By Hand
Emails, Facebook Statuses, Twitter Posts are all fine in this e-era. But then what is special stays special, always. Make a point you lay out handwritten and decorated Thank You notes to your guests after the event. It becomes a noticeable exception and boosts their love and blessings for you.

Make the moments of your baby shower party further memorable with these tips to follow!

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